Frequently Asked Questions

1. It is demanding to operate a woodchip boiler, it needs to be cleaned etc.

Yes, it's operation is more demanding than a natural gas boiler, but WAVE is fully automatic with a specially developed cleaning system, it needs to be cleaned only once per heating season.

2. What if there will be no wood chips?

There is currently a big surplus of wood chips, which can change in the future of course. However, there will always be need for wood, which means it will always be produced, which means there will always be wood chips. If You are interested, we can secure a contractual fuel delivery from our partner, one of largest wood chips supplier in Czech republic. Biomass can also be purposely cultivated, which cannot be said about gas or fuel oils.

3. It takes up a lot of room

Yes, if You're transferring to solid fuels, especiallz wood chips, some space in Your company will need to be sacrificied. However, our technology is placed in a container (1 container for the boiler room, 1 for fuel), so you will get rid of a boiler room in the building, which frees up space. Of course, there needs to be space for woodchip storage.

4. I have a family house, is wood chip heating worth it for me?

Unfortunately, this fuel isn't suitable even for a large house. Lowest offered thermal output is 50 kW, a family home needs half that at most. WAVE technology is better suited for industrial applications.

5. What thermal outputs can WAVE supply?

WAVE is a modular system, it can be applied effectively from 50 kW to 500 kW thermal power.

6. Wood chips produce ash and pollution in general.

WAVE fulfills the strictest emission limits required by Ekodesign. In real-life operation, you can only tell that WAVE is running by the shaky warm air above the chimney.. What's more, it doesn't produce any CO2. You actually reduce Your carbon footprint by producing electricity!

7. A wood chip boiler is loud

Compared to a natural gas boiler, WAVE produces slightly more noise 9 (fuel delivery). One of our first installations was in the middle of a residential area and it didn't disturb anyone, we fulfill all noise norms.

8. A wood chip boiler is complicated and malfunctions often

Yes, it's definitely more complicated than a gas boiler or liquid fuels. But WAVE is a design very robustly, important systems are even backed up. Our remote 24/7 supervision detects a problem even before it manifests itself and our technicians are ready to head out. We developed the technology ourselves so we know very well what to do. And what about Your boiler.

9. A wood chip boiler is difficult to regulate

A gas boiler is easier to regulate, but WAVE is built in a way so that it can deliver power from 0 to 100 %.

10. A wood chip boiler is much more expensive

Yes, this solution really requires a much more demanding investment. But the savings make up for that. Take a look at our typical calculation. You'll get the difference back within several years and after that You only save money.

11. A wood chip boiler has a shorter service lifetime

It depends on how you take care of the boiler. We expect WAVE to last at least 15 years and in that time, You earn much more than it costs when compared to a gas or oil fuel boiler, which means You can buy a new one.

12. Instalation of a wood chip boiler is very complicated and long

Not when it comes to WAVE boiler. It comes in two containers. In an ideal case, we can install it within couple days.

13. Is it possible to connect WAVE to the current heating and control system?

Since we developed and produced WAVE ourselves, we know exactly how it works. And we can offer You a series of solutions to connect WAVE to current systems so that everything works just like, or even better, than today.