A unique woodchip boiler that makes both heat and electricity

The most effective way of utilizing biomass in Your company

Boiler Wave
is the only boiler that makes money

Thanks to electricity production Wave actually earns money. Other boilers merely "eat up" money

The cheapest operation

Boiler WAVE can utilise even a very low-quality fuel with moisture up to 40 %. In turn, it makes the most expensive energy - electricity and heat with high overall efficiency. Woodchip heating is therefore even more economical owing also to fuel savings.


When combined with battery storage, the WAVE boiler can work wholly without connection to the electric grid. This means You can get a completely automated solution for heating and baseline electricity delivery even in places where it is not possible to connect to public electricity distribution grid. Therefore, You will operate Your very own power plant,

Simplicity of installation

WAVE is composed of two containers - one is the technology itself, the other is the fuel management. We deliver the containers fully equipped and functional. All that has to be done is put on them on the ground and connect to water and electricity. WAVE technology is modular and can be effectively used from 100 kW of thermal power up to 1 000 kW. The electric power output is around 8 kW to 60 kW.

CO2 negative

Because we, as the only ones, do not consume electricity, but produce it, our boiler not only doesn't produce any carbon dioxide, but actually consumes it. That's because without WAVE, you'd have to buy the produced electricity from the grid, where most electricity is still produced by coal power plants.


The WAVE boiler is connected to remote support 24/7. Therefore, we know about most problems before they even affect the boiler operation. We can either solve them online, or will secure a technician to attend to You as soon as possible.

Revolutionary solution

Boiler WAVE can utilise even a very low-quality fuel with moisture up to 40 %. In turn, it makes the most expensive energy - electricity and heat with high overall efficiency.

Electricity production

Electricity production is secured by an in-house developed vane expander which we constantly improve to maximal efficiency and longevity. Its construction is very simple and practically maintenance-free.

Automatic cleaning

Flue gas heat exchangers possess an automatic cleaning system which carries out a mechanical rubbing action of the heat exchange surface several times an hour and thus secures high efficiency all year round.

A durable device

Wave is equipped with a massive combustion chamber and a very durable fuel conveyor. Thanks to this, there is no threat of damage even when utilising low-quality, or even inpure fuel. On top of that, a massive lining allows for combustion of very wet biomass.

We will secure for You

Turnkey delivery

We will secure for You

  • A study whether Wave is suitable is for You and which type
  • Construction authorization
  • Financing
  • Realisation
  • Regular and even after-warranty maintenance
  • Permanent remote supervision over the device
  • Contractual fuel delivery


You can of course pay for the whole technology with your own capital, but we can also offer You several models of financing:

Standard delivery with a loan

We will help you secure a more advantageous loan for the desired amount in cooperation with partnered banks. You are paying back with what You save (earn) by operating WAVE instead of Your current boiler. After You've paid back the loan, You keep the savings for Yourself.

Delivery in the form of EPC

EPC = Energy Performance Contracting. You pay for only 50 % of the technology, we pay for the rest. We devide the achieved savings compared to the current state. The moment the remaining 50 % is paid off, you start to keep all of the savings. You can use offers of advantageous loans even in this variant. If You're saving less than we calculated, You pay less.

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