With any fuel
it's worth it to switch to biomass

We've been developing effective ways of utilizing biomass in Your company ever since 2011

What is biomass
and how you can use it in Your company

Biomass is, in general, all matter of organic orgin.

Utilising biomass as a heat source

In order to make it possible to combust biomass automatically, it has to be converted into wood pellets or wood chips. We use wood chips because it is by far the cheapest fuel that can be combusted in an automatic device.

Biomass is, in general, all matter of organic origin.

For fuel purposes, it is available mostly as wood biomass in various forms.

Wood chips can be classified into many subcategories (forest, dry, fresh, from waste wood etc.)

Why biomass

  • The cheapest fuel
  • No CO2 production (there is no threat of having to pay emission allowance in the future)
  • Utilization of "waste" materials
  • Locally available fuel (You are not dependent on deliveries from abroads, it can also be cultivated)

Our technologies
for utilising biomass in companies

Wave is a cogeneration unit that runs on biomass. Thanks to electricity production, it actually makes money.

Woodchip WAVE boiler that produces both heat and electricity

Wave is composed of two containers - one is the technology itself, the other is fuel management.

We make WAVE in two variants

  • WAVE 120 with thermal output of 120 kW and electricity output of 8 kW
  • WAVE 200 with thermal output of 200 kW and electricity output of 13 kW

However, thanks to the container configuration, we can easily scale up to 1 000 kW of power.

WAVE is fully automatic (ingition, shut down, ash removal, fuel delivery) and makes both electricity and heat. Therefore, it delivers the most effective way of biomass heating.


  • Fully automatic (ignition, shut down, ash removal, fuel delivery)
  • Produces HEAT and ELECTRICITY
  • Utilises biomass energy
  • Remote control 24/7
  • Lowest operational costs of all
  • Turnkey delivery
Náhled do kontejneru kogenerační jednotky

Introducing our technology

How WAVE earns (saves)

  • The cheapest fuel (half compared to natural gas, third compared to fuel oils or LPG)
  • You do not have to buy the electricity You make from the grid
  • Green bonus on both heat and electricity made by WAVE (we will take care of it for You)

Is WAVE boiler suitable for you?


You need at least 100 kW of thermal power
You currently have high heating costs
You have at least a bit of free space for the fuel system and WAVE (around 40 m2)


You need more than 100 kW of thermal power
You use heat for other purposes than heating and warm water preparation (for example for drying)

Examples of installations